GigtheGoldfish hopes to energize and motivate all Gigsters to get involved with everything GigtheGoldfish, including Goldfish Challenges and Gigs Impossible.

  • Goldfish Challenges are not-so-difficult to complete, and if accomplished first the gigster will receive a choice of a cap or T-shirt and other select items
  • Gigs Impossible are much more difficult to complete. The Gigster who completes a Gig Impossible first will receive the choice of any three items in our inventory--except the Goldfish Bowl.
  • Anyone achieving any Goldfish Challenge or Gig Impossible will receive a beautiful GigtheGoldfish Challenge Coin. The GigtheGoldfish Challenge Coin is similar to Military and National challenge coins and signify high achievement with no consideration of difficulty or danger.
  • The first person to complete and verify a Challenge or Gig Impossible will receive gifts from the GigtheGoldfish inventory items.
  • We have many Challenges and Gigs Impossible listed. The logistics in reporting your achievement is to email The Big Gig and report your accomplishment and send the proof--pictures or video to validate your accomplishment. People who complete either a Challenge or a Gig Impossible will have their names and, possibly, pictures or video immortalized on and the Facebook page.
  • We encourage Gigsters to design and submit Challenges and Gigs Impossible which they believe should be added to our listing.
The email address to send validation is the